Gate operator system devices control access to secure areas by blocking points of entrance and exit to a facility, campus or business. Colline Integrated Security Services offers repair services for all varieties of gate-operating devices in New Jersey, New York City and the Tristate Area. We are experts in new installations to secure a property or brand new construction.

Types of Gate Operators

Sliding – Sliding gate operators are often used when there is minimal space behind the secured facility. This device allows the gate to run parallel to the fence or wall that is securing the area. This means that the gate can slide open and closed to grant access or secure an area.

Barrier Arm – Barrier arm gate operators are often used in parking garages, or in areas where there is a guard present, to deter unwarranted entry or exit. These gate operators are thin beams that block an entranceway or a roadway. When operating, they move up and down to open and close the traffic area.

Gate Operator System Installation

Colline Integrated Security Services provides gate operator system replacement and installation services for the following gate-operator manufacturers and brands:

  • DoorKing – Since 1948, DoorKing has provided their customers with top of the line solutions, not just products. They have become a leader in the access control industry by offering innovative products and providing exceptional customer service.
  • Liftmaster – Liftmaster is one of the best names in the industry with a great reputation for quality, dependability and design. Their products are engineered to provide customers with the confidence that their gate will be easily controlled.
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